History & Mission

The idea of creating the Eurasian Association on Inverse Problems (EAIP) emerged as a natural continuation of the biennial conferences “Inverse Problems: Modeling and Simulation” (IPMS), since 2002. This idea was positively received by participants of the international conference “Inverse Problems: Modeling and Simulation”, which was held during May 21-26, 2012, in Antalya, Turkey. The Association, proposed by the Initiative Group of EAIP, Alemdar Hasanov Hasanoglu, Bernd Hofmann, Sergey Kabanikhin, Gen Nakamura, Andreas Neubauer, Roman Novikov, and Vladimir Romanov, was registered in Turkey in June, 2013, as a non-governmental organization, working to ensure a coordination of research groups and scientific schools on inverse problems in Eurasian countries.

According to the organization chart of the Eurasian Association on Inverse Problems, the association is responsible for providing international conferences, meetings and summer schools on inverse problems and applications, bringing together all classical and new inverse problems areas from various international scientific schools of Eurasian countries.

The Constituent Assembly of the Eurasian Association on Inverse Problems (EAIP) was held during the 7th Biennial International Conference “Inverse Problems: Modeling and Simulation” (IPMS 2014), on May 30, 2014, where the goals of the EAIP were welcomed by the participants from over 40 countries, as well as representatives of the International Journals “Inverse Problems”, “Inverse Problems and Imaging”, “Journal of Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems”, and “Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering”. In the Constituent Assembly, Dinh Hao, Alemdar Hasanoglu (Hasanov), Bernd Hofmann, Sergey Kabanikhin, Daniel Lesnic, Gen Nakamura, Andreas Neubauer (Vice-Chair), Roman Novikov, Andreas Rieder, Vladimir Romanov (Chair), Otmar Scherzer, and Tuong T. Truong, were elected members of the Steering Committee of the EAIP. The Steering Committee is elected for a two-year term by voting at the General Assembly held every two years.

The Eurasian Association on Inverse Problems has established an international EAIP Award. The first award was given to Vladimir Vasin and Bernd Hofmann at the IPMS 2014 Conference.

No registration fee is required to be paid to become a member of the Eurasian Association on Inverse Problems. One needs to submit the membership form through the web page https://www.eurasianip.org/membership.html .

The main publication organ of the association is the constantly updated web page https://www.eurasianip.org/ of the association. Through this website, the association publishes important news about inverse problems.